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Some quality pointing or repointing will help protect your home or business property against the invasion of damp and other unwanted conditions induced by the elements, and will also add to its aesthetic appeal.


To ensure you get quality results for your investment, secure your pointing services from us. Indeed, we've specialised in providing quality brickwork services for more than 30 years, so we can guarantee you the exceptional finish you're looking for.

Perfect pointing and repointing services

•  All work fully guaranteed

•  Pointing

•  Repointing

•  Brickwork restoration

•  Specialist mortar mixes

•  NHL 3.5 (Natural Hydraulic Limes)

Pointing and brickwork restoration:

Our specialist vacuum dust extraction service is perfect for eliminating dust and mess associated with brickwork. Using advanced methods and cutting edge vacuum technology, we can remove 99% of dust from brickwork and always conform to all health and safety legislation regarding dust contamination and pollutants. Contact us to discuss your needs. You might also be interested in our provision of roofing maintenance and general building services.

Highly effective vacuum dust extraction

Protect your home against the elements with professional pointing services from Balfour Services. Call

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A brick wall being constructed